Suallyn Mitchellmore

Twice a week I begin and end my day training with Nick. Without a doubt, opening and closing the day in the surrounds of Jubilee Park brings a welcome relief to my working week. However, more than this, Nick has a fantastic capacity to ensure that training is balanced by an atmosphere that is relaxed and professional. Nick knows that training is something that should enrich busy lives through the opportunity that it brings to do something for yourself, peppered with banter, laughter and the satisfaction of hard work.

Nick is a fantastic trainer who thankfully does not have to draw upon a “macho” approach but rather is assured by his knowledge of a good solid session that leaves you feeling better about yourself because of what you have achieved. Nick clearly has a strong understanding of developing and optimising fitness and, because of this, there is not a regular routine to sessions or a recipe for fitness that he draws upon. Rather, Nick evaluates and tracks progress across and within sessions so that they are always varied. Sessions are not shaped by exercises or circuits but rather around a range of incremental sets and challenges that have a phenomenal capacity to build fitness and take you beyond what you thought was achievable even at the beginning of a session.

Training with Nick means that you will be working with someone who will be supportive of your goals, in a place that gets you in amongst the community of park life and with a trainer who has a genuine ease in getting the best out of you.

It will undoubtedly be the best part of your day.



Adele Sheers

I started working with Nick and the team in early September 2017 and have not looked back.
After trying plenty of different fitness programs over the years, I was keen to look at how I could adopt a routine which would build core strength, stretch my fitness levels and could be managed effectively while juggling a busy career and family.  While I enjoyed exercise (once I got started), finding a structure which would challenge me and also enable me to strive harder had been an obstacle in the past.
While initially starting on one or two classes of Crossfit per week, I was able to learn the basics and although I was often the last to finish up, I have always felted encouraged and supported through each step of the way as I learned new exercises and started to really feel a difference.   As my confidence built, I extended my classes to include both running and boxing which I thoroughly love and I can see my progress both in terms of endurance and physical strength.
Working with Nick and Sascha has ignited my passion for exercise and I really look forward to classes each day.   While an early morning start may not be for everyone, the 6am kick off with a great group of like minded people combined with interesting and diverse exercise regimes leaves me feeling fantastic and with great clarity, ready to start the working day.   The flexibility of evening classes also enables late starters to still get a work out or when diaries don’t permit early morning starts.
Nick runs an excellent program and his guidance and encouragement has been invaluable.  His knowledge and expertise has guided me through different levels of training and fitness while ensuring I minimise any risks with injuries.  I’ve learnt such a lot, feel the best I have in years and continue to be challenged to achieve more.

Danielle Rigg- Smith

6months ago, I made the a decision to look after myself and prioritise exercise as part of my daily routine. I haven’t looked back since joining Nick and the team at Inner West Outdoor fitness. With two children under two, I lost a sense of myself, felt exhausted and was caught in a vicious cycle of sleepless nights, then working full time. I used to be an elite athlete, so why have I become a couch potato?! Time to make a change. On August 1st, I started training with Nick and co. At first, I started with 2 sessions a week (one bootcamp and one run club), and across the duration of 6months have built to a minimum 4 sessions per week. I had zero stomach muscles and an incredibly weak back from carrying two children in such a short space of time, however Nick tailored the exercises to suit my current fitness status. Each session encompasses a combination of cardio and weights, along with exercises using your own body weight. Sometimes we partner up, other days it’s a race against the clock but the beauty of Inner West Outdoor fitness is that every session is different.

Fast forward to 6months of consistent outdoor fitness and I no longer wear my back brace, feel strong and energised to take on the day, more toned (I still have work to do!) and most importantly have my sense  of confidence and pride in who I am back again. I have lost a safe amount of weight across this time and have a goal to lose more across the next 6months. Strong is the new sexy! This team have become my friends and I genuinely look forward to waking up and working out with everyone.

Thank you to Nick, Sascha and my bootcamp buddies.

Brendon Yee

I have been training with Nick for the last five years. Initially, it was one- on-one session however as my fitness and confidence have improved I have begun to participate in group training session. I enjoy both types of training, one- on one is great because I can focus on techniques and learning new exercises. Group training has been a positive experience, because of the camaraderie with fellow fitness lovers and the encouraging trainers.
Inner West Outdoor Fitness was recommended to me by my wife, since starting training with Nick, my only wish is that I had started earlier. Although the beginning was difficult because I did not have any personal training before, Nick was able to ease me into a proper fitness regime and taught me a lot, especially about the correct techniques. He has fostered my passion for exercise, and I can apply his knowledge about fitness in other areas of my life.
Group sessions are always something new, the routines are varied and can be challenging at times, but Nick ensures all of his clients feel comfortable and able to participate. Nick is both knowledgeable and passionate about his work; I consider him to be a great mentor.  He has been supportive of my training and helping me reach goals that I would never be able to achieve before I started at Inner West Fitness.  I aim to complete my first half marathon later this year.
I could not recommend Nick enough, not only will you gain a supportive trainer but also a great friend. 


Ben Hershman

I joined Inner West Outddor fitness about three years ago in my early 40’s. My wife was my inspiration as she had been going to boot camp a few years head of me and had more energy. I didn’t know quite what to expect. I knew I didn’t want a military style experience (been there done that when younger), but I did want to get fit. I was fed up of playing with my kids in the park and running out of puff! The first month is tough. I started with one session a week but to really benefit you need to aim to get to four and in reality make three a week. I transitioned to about three sessions a week after about a year and immediately felt the benefits. All my fellow exercisers are a great bunch of people. Different ages and fitness levels, but we all get on and have a laugh along the way. Seeing the regulars at 6 am is a good feeling because you feel like you are sharing the journey to fitness with like minded people. Most of the regulars have been going longer than me! I get out of bed wondering what is in store as every session is different. The variety is tremendous. All I know is that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are about overall fitness, Thursday morning is boxing and Fridays is lots of exercises along the foreshore at Glebe.  Every three months or so we do a fitness test and get to see our progress (or if we have gone backwards). The trainers motivate and encourage everyone and I love the fact that no session is easy. You are pushed hard in a way that ensures you work you body and your mind. I feel positive and sharp after every session.