What we offer

One-On-One Personal Training – What we offer from personal training is a session that is all about you. Every session is tailored to meet your goals, so results are achieved more quickly. Don’t like exercising in a groups? Don’t want to share the attention of the trainer? Want the best way to test the boundaries of your mental and physical fitness? This is for you.

Bootcamp – We get out the big guns to help you strip kilos, using kettlebell, medicine ball and resistance band exercises, executed at high intensity. How hard you go is up to you, but remember, the harder you train the faster you can say goodbye to those unwanted kilos. Our sessions are constantly varied and we get results. Come and train with a group of like minded people in a supportive and fun environment.

On The Move–  In this session you will be on the move stopping at various locations around the stunning foreshore of Blackwattle Bay. Each location will bring a different challenge set by the trainer. This is a series of short circuits that will include predominately body weight exercises. This session will improve your speed, flexibility and reduce body fat.

Boxing – Our boxing sessions are second to none. Our expert trainers teach you proper boxing combinations which include: upper cuts, hooks, jab, crosses, slipping and ducking. The benefits you’ll see from these sessions are: weight loss, increased agility, coordination, muscle tone and a greater overall fitness. Many people think that boxing is all about the arms but it is actually a cardio work-out for the whole body. Boxing is a high intensity workout and we will make sure you get the most out of each session. Our boxing sessions are very empowering and are a great stress release if you’ve had a tough day at work or rough day at home with the kids.

Mums ‘n Bubs –  We have designed these sessions for women, to build strength when you are preparing to give birth and to get you back to fitness after having your baby. We work on core strength and gradually build up the momentum in cardio fitness.  These classes are about doing what you’re capable of and building you to a fitness level that better ables you keep up with the demands of a young family. Our trainers are fantastic at adjusting to the differing levels of fitness and will work meticulously with you to get your pre-baby body back and reach your fitness goals. All are welcome, including those without children.

Corporate Fitness – Our corporate fitness sessions are a huge success with our current corporate companies that enlist our services. It instills loyalty, improves camaraderie, reduces sick days and improves the productivity of employees at work. If this sounds like something your organisation is missing, then we can certainly help. We guarantee your business will reap the rewards!